Borough of Poole

Member and Committee Information

The Council is composed of the following members.

Councillor P. Adams (Con) Oakdale
Councillor Ms E. Atkinson (Con)
Penn Hill
Councillor J. Bagwell (PPIG) Hamworthy West
Councillor M. F. Brooke (Lib-Dem) Broadstone
Councillor D. Brown (Lib-Dem)
(Liberal Democrat Group Leader)
Merley and Bearwood
Councillor L. Burden (Con) Creekmoor
Councillor Mrs J. J. Butt (Con) Creekmoor
Councillor J. Challinor (Con)
(Strategic Commercialism and Estates, Communications, Leisure)
Councillor Mrs X. Dion (Con) Penn Hill
Councillor P Eades (Lib-Dem) Branksome West
Councillor M. Farrell (Con) Newtown
Councillor M. Fisher (UKIP) Alderney
Councillor S. Gabriel (Con)
(Disabilities Champion)
Canford Heath West
Councillor A. Garner-Watts (Con) Poole Town
Councillor V. Gupta (Con)
(Champion for Mental Health)
Hamworthy East
Councillor A. Hadley (PPIG)
(Poole People Party Deputy Leader)
Poole Town
Councillor Mrs M. Haines (Con)
(Deputy Leader of Council)
(Finance and Corporate Services)
(Conservative Group Deputy Leader)
(Vice-Chairman of Cabinet)
Canford Cliffs
Councillor Mrs J. Hodges (Lib-Dem) Canford Heath East
Councillor M. Howell (PPIG)
(Poole People Party Leader)
Poole Town
Councillor M. Iyengar (Con)
(Economy, Industrial Strategy and Community Engagement)
Canford Cliffs
Councillor Mrs M Le Poidevin (Lib-Dem) Branksome West
Councillor D. Mellor (Con)
(Carers' Champion)
Branksome East
Councillor Mrs S. Moore (Lib-Dem)
(Liberal Democrat Group Deputy Leader)
Canford Heath East
Councillor D. Newell (Con) Broadstone
Councillor J. Newell (Con)
(Dementure Champion)
Merley and Bearwood
Councillor R. Parker (Con) Penn Hill
Councillor P. Pawlowski (Other) Canford Cliffs
Councillor M, Pope (PPIG) Merley and Bearwood
Councillor I. Potter (Con)
(Planning, Regeneration and Transportation)
Councillor J. Rampton (Con)
(Environment and Open Spaces)
Councillor Mrs K Rampton (Con)
(Health, Social Care and Housing)
Branksome East
Councillor L. Russell (Con) Alderney
Councillor Mrs V. Slade (Lib-Dem) Broadstone
Councillor Mrs A. M. Stribley (Con) Parkstone
Councillor R. Tindle (Con) Canford Heath West
Councillor R. Trent (Lib-Dem)
(Equalities Champion)
Councillor Mrs J. Walton (Con)
(Leader of Council)
(Conservative Group Leader)
(Chairman of Cabinet)
Councillor M. White (Con)
(Children and Young People Services and Capital Projects)
Hamworthy East
Councillor M. Wilkins (Con) Hamworthy West
Councillor E. Williams (Con) Parkstone
Councillor G. Wilson (Con) Newtown
Councillor Miss L Wilson (Con)
(Deputy Mayor)

The political make up for the Council is currently

Poole Conservative (28 members)
Liberal-Democrat (8 members)
Other (1 member)