Borough of Poole


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The Council is composed of the following committees.

Community Engagement Working Party
Corporate Performance Working Party
Corporate Property Strategy and Corporate Asset Management Plan Working Party
Council Housing Options Appraisal Working Party
Council Housing Stock Working Party
Grants Panel
Poole Council Housing Financing Working Party
Programme Management Board - Personalising Adult Social Care
Public Art Working Party
Transparency Agenda Working Party
Working Party on Welfare Reform
Ad Hoc Joint Health Scrutiny Committee - PCT Provider Review
Business Improvement Overview and Scrutiny Committee
Business Improvement Overview and Scrutiny Sub-Committee
Call-in Overview and Scrutiny Committee
Children and Young People Overview and Scrutiny Committee
Communities Overview and Scrutiny Committee
Council Efficiency and Effectiveness Overview and Scrutiny Committee
Dignity and Respect in Health and Social Care Services for Older People Working Party
Economy Overview and Scrutiny Committee
Eligibility Criteria Fairer Contributions Working Party
Environment Overview and Scrutiny Committee
Food and Packaging Working Party
Health and Social Care Overview and Scrutiny Committee
Joint Health Scrutiny Committee
Joint Health Scrutiny Committee for South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust
Joint Health Scrutiny Committee for the NHS Transformation Programme
Joint Health Scrutiny Committee NHS Bournemouth and Poole Provider Services Review
Overview and Scrutiny Board
People Overview and Scrutiny Committee (Children and Young People)
People Overview and Scrutiny Committee (Health and Social Care)
Place Overview and Scrutiny Committee
Raising Education Standards Working Party
Retail Led Regeneration of the Town Centre Scrutiny Working Group
Review of Council Governance Arrangements Working Party
Use of Consultants Working Group
Assessment Sub-Committee
Audit Committee
Emergency Committee
Gambling Act 2005 Working Group
Gambling Policy Review Working Party
Hearing Sub-Committee
Licensing Committee
Licensing Policy Review Working Party
Licensing Sub-Committee
Planning Committee
Review of Delegation Working Party
Sex Establishment Licensing Policy Working Party
Standards Committee
Taxi and Private Hire Sub-Committee
Portfolio Holder Decision Councillor Iyengar
Portfolio Holder Decision Councillor Mellor
Portfolio Holder Decision Councillor Mrs Butt
Portfolio Holder Decision Councillor Mrs Dion
Portfolio Holder Decision Councillor Mrs Haines
Portfolio Holder Decision Councillor Mrs Rampton
Portfolio Holder Decision Councillor Mrs Walton
Portfolio Holder Decision Councillor Ms Atkinson
Portfolio Holder Decision Councillor Potter
Portfolio Holder Decision Councillor Rampton
Portfolio Holder Decision Councillor Sorton
Portfolio Holder Decision Councillor White
Alderney, Branksome East and West Area Committee
Broadstone, Merley and Bearwood Area Committee
Canford Cliffs and Penn Hill Area Committee
Canford Heath East and West, Creekmoor and Oakdale Area Committee
Hamworthy East and West and Poole Town Area Committee
Newtown and Parkstone Area Committee
Allotment Review Working Party
Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Joint Committee
Children’s Services Capital Programme Board
Consideration and Hearings Sub-Committee
Crime and disorder Reduction Panel
Dorset and South Wiltshire Planning and Transportation Liaison Committee
Education Discretionary Awards Appeals Panel
Green Initiatives Panel
Housing and Housing Related Support for Older People Board
Joint Council and Poole Arts Trust Working Party
Joint Health and Wellbeing Board
LA Governor Appointment Panel
Meeting with Commerce and Industry
Pan Dorset Community Safety and Criminal Justice Board
Planning Obligations Fund (Recreational Contributions) Sub-Group
Poole Schools Forum
Representatives of Commerce and Industry and Residents Associations
Representatives of Residents Associations
Residents Association
Review of Standing Orders Working Party
Review of the Council’s Constitution Working Party
Route and Branch Review Working Group
SLM contract Review Working Party
South East Dorset Strategic Planning and Transportation Joint Committee
South East Dorset Sub-Regional Study Advisory Group
South East Dorset Transport Advisory Group
Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education (SACRE)
Strategic Arts Review Group
Supporting People Working Party
Transportation Advisory Group
Tree Management Review Working Party
Upton Park Liaison Committee
Waste Strategy Working Party
Alderney and Branksome East and West Area Committee
Area 10 Broadstone Merley and Bearwood
Area 6 Hamworthy West and East and Poole Town
Area 7 Newtown Parkstone and Penn Hill
Area 7 Parkstone, Penn Hill and Newtown Area Committee
Area 8 Alderney Branksome East and West and Canford Cliffs
Area 9 Canford Heath East and West Creekmoor and Oakdale
Ashdown Community Use Management Committee
Bearwood, Broadstone and Merley Area Committee
Bournemouth and Poole Joint Member Working Group - Adult Learning
Building Schools for the Future Project Board
Call-in Scrutiny Committee
Capital Programme Board
Childrens Services Governance Board
Childrens Services Overview Group
Childrens Trust Governance Board
Community Support and Education Scrutiny Committee
Community Support Overview Group
Connexions Shadow Local Management Group
Discretionary Housing Payments Appeals Panel
Early Years Childcare Places Awards Panel
Economy Overview and Scrutiny Sub Committee
Environment Overview Group
Fire Safety Working Party
Fourways Board
Friends of Poole Park
Guildhall Working Group
Health Scrutiny
Housing Consultative Panel
Joint Community Support Overview Group and Learning Overview Group
LEA Governor Appointment Panel
Learning Overview Group
Local Economy Overview Group
Merley and Bearwood and Broadstone Area Committee
Overview and Scrutiny Review Working Party
Parents' Voice
Parking and Access SPD Working Party
Poole Sports Council
Portfolio Holder Decision Councillor Wretham
Resources Overview Group
Review of Members Allowances Working Party
Rossmore Community Use Management Committee
Schools Organisation Committee
Scrutiny Board
Service Provision Scrutiny and Audit Committee
Service Provision Scrutiny Committee
Supporting People Commissioning Body
Town Centre and Bridge Advisory Group