Borough of Poole

Place Overview and Scrutiny Committee Minutes

Wednesday 4th October 2017
06.00 p.m.
Committee Suite, Civic Centre, Poole, BH15 2RU

Attendance Details


Councillor Farrell (Chairman)

Councillor Tindle (Vice-Chairman)

Councillor Brooke, Councillor Garner-Watts, Councillor  Howell, Councillor Le Poidevin, Councillor D Newell (as substitute for Councillor Gabriel), Councillor Parker, Councillor Stribley and Councillor G Wilson (as substitute for Councillor Dion)

Also in attendance:
Johnathan Sibbett, Chairman, Poole BID
Les Robertson, Town Centre Manager, Poole BID

Kate Ryan - Strategic Director, Place Theme
Kevin McErlane, Head Culture and Community
Mark Smith, Director of Tourism, Bournemouth Borough Council
Graham Richardson, Tourism Manager
Adrian Trevett, Economic Development Manager
Julian McLaughlin, Head of Growth and Infrastructure
Nick Perrins, Planning Policy and Implementation Manager
Rebecca Landman, Planning Officer
Meeting attachments:
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Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Dion and Gabriel.


There were no declarations of Pecuniary Interest.



Members made the following declarations of interest:

Councillors Howell, Parker and Wilson as members of Poole Tourism Board;
Councillor Garner-Watts as a Board Member of Poole BID;
Councillor Brooke as Chairman of the Broadstone Neighbourhood Plan. (Councillor Brooke advised the Committee that he would speak at the meeting as a member of the Committee);
Councillor Le Poidevin as an employee of a local Language School;
Councillor D Newell as an employee of Bournemouth University.


RESOLVED that the Minutes of the Place Overview and Scrutiny Committee held 9th August 2017, having been previously circulated, be taken as read, confirmed and signed by the Chairman as a correct record.


The Economic Development Manager introduced Johnathan Sibbett and Les Robertson, Chair and Town Manager of Poole BID. Members were reminded that the BID had been in existence for 12 months and now comprised over 500 levy payers with a five-year Business Plan in place.


A presentation was delivered to Members listing the Partners involved and describing the key projects undertaken since formation. These included Poole BID free Wifi which went live in August; the Poole Jazz festival; the ‘Meercat’ business analysis project; the flowers and bunting initiative as well as description of the success of arrangements over Christmas of 2016.


Ongoing projects currently being developed included the Poole Ambassadors scheme with the aim of providing a welcome face for visitors to Poole. Other specific projects included plans to install a ‘big screen’ facility in the Town Centre; a ‘Light Nights Poole’ event and the launch of Digital Poole BID app. Planning for events in the lead up to Christmas 2017 were reported to be in their advance stages.


In parallel, discussions were reported to be ongoing, in partnership with the Neighbourhood Policing Team of Dorset Police, with a focus upon public space protection and on targeting anti-social behaviour within the Town Centre.


Although Members were reminded that Poole BID was a limited company in its own right with control over its own finances, the Financial Forecast for 2017 was presented for information. Members of the Committee commented on specific issues and these were noted by the BID staff. The Chairman congratulated the team on progress achieved by the BID during its first year of operation and it was clear that a sense of environmental and economic regeneration was gathering pace.




That the progress made by the Poole BID over its first year of operation be welcomed and noted and that a further update report be requested in 12 month’s time.


The Committee received a report confirming that that the Broadstone Neighbourhood Plan had been correctly progressed, was legally compliant with the appropriate Regulations and was ready to now proceed to a six week period of public consultation.


It was anticipated that the consultation would commence from mid-November 2017. The Committee underlined the importance of ensuring that the consultation was effective and the commitment to wide stakeholder involvement from all parts of the community was noted. This would also include production of summary material accessible to all age ranges and suitable for all formats of media access.


The Committee also supported the procedural application from the Forum to renew its formal Forum Designation for a further five years.


Although the Committee received a brief introduction to the proposed Plan itself and had also received draft copies of the document, it was recognised that, at this stage, the emphasis was upon checking and progressing the statutory process and was not the time for any detailed comment on the contents of the Plan.


The Committee nevertheless recognised the significant amount of work already put in by the Forum and by the Officers involved in producing a high quality document for consultation. It was acknowledged that progress to date displayed a high level of community involvement and commitment and the opportunity for further similar initiatives across the Borough was welcomed. The Committee recognised that these recommendations for consideration by Cabinet would now enable the next stage of consultation in accordance with the Regulations to begin.




i. That the Plan submitted by the Broadstone Neighbourhood Forum accords with the requirements of Regulation 15 of the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations (2012);


ii. That the Plan proceed to public consultation in accordance with Regulation 16 of the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations (2012);


iii. That following public consultation, the Plan, supporting documents and representations received be submitted for examination in accordance with Regulation 17 of the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations (2012);


iv. That the application to renew the Broadstone Neighbourhood Forum Designation for a further period of five years accords with Section 61 (G) of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 and can proceed to statutory consultation.


The Committee received a joint report on current progress and next steps for development of a combined Poole and Bournemouth Tourism Strategy. It was explained that this work was taking place within the context of work over the previous 18 months aimed at improving efficiency through joined up service delivery.

As part of this initiative, work was reported to be underway on amalgamation of the two existing separate Boards into a single Joint Tourism Management Board delivering a Joint Tourism Strategy. Although the two Councils would have a key input, the final combined Strategy would be approved by the newly formed Joint Tourism Management Board.

An audit of existing tourism business had been commissioned from the National Coastal Tourism Academy and the comprehensive assessment produced was intended to inform development of the new Strategy. A number of Workshops had followed and the intention emerging was that the Strategy should focus on three identified primary markets namely Leisure Tourism; Business Tourism and International Education.

The actual draft Strategy had been circulated with the Agenda for the Meeting and Members were able to question Officers about individual aspects of the draft document. Members recognised the considerable amount of work already taking place and welcomed the approach being adopted.


That the draft Bournemouth and Poole Tourism Strategy 2017 - 2022 as presented be supported.


RESOLVED that the Forward Plan be noted.


The Chairman informed the Committee that there were no items of Urgent Business.

The Meeting commenced at 6.00pm and finished at 8.10pm.